June 18, 2019

CASIO Casio PRW-3500-1 Review

I knew the brand of Casio from the beginning of elementary school. At that time, the price of seven or eight hundred, I was a bit too high for only two dollars a day. In a blink of an eye, 20 years later, I finally put on the second Casio PRW-3500-1 in my life (the first piece is the 80-year-old retro metal small square that I went to Japan to buy at bic camera in the previous year).

Reason for purchase
Always want a digital display of the electronic watch, to say that the digital display electronic watch must be CASIO, so this time did not choose SEIKO or CITIZEN. In all the new series of Casio, always think that pro trek is the most cattle, because there are Can display a variety of coefficients (for everyday life is also useless), I think the more features, the more powerful, so there is this trip sensor PRW3500.

A table listed in December 2015, searched the major platforms, only the United States has goods (and no discount, searched for less than 1000 good prices at the end of last year), Japan’s price is higher than the United States. So I found a purchase in Taobao, bought it directly, although the price is not so good, but early to buy early to enjoy, do not want to wait.

As for why there is no 3500T, lacoste outlet shop online,the individual does not like the black circle, or feel that the ordinary metal ring is more durable (a little champagne color). And the special grinding in the NSWE direction is also more advanced.

Some screenshots of the official website, leather real resistance, 200 meters waterproof daily should be the rhythm of the water side.

to sum up
The appearance still looks more scientific. A person with a little common sense should be able to see the difference from a normal electronic watch.

CASIO quality is excellent, leather is practical, light kinetic energy (it is said that the battery can last for 10 years)

The radio wave table does not need to be timely.

A bit too thick, it is easier to bump into action. The next day I took it on the wall.

Slightly a little bit sinking. (Maybe my arm is too thin)

The viewing angle is a bit small, especially when driving, you need to deliberately lift your wrist to see.

The 16-17cm that I have a thin hand needs the fourth scale with the last count of the knife. It is also stress-free, so I feel that the wrist is too thin to be afraid of holding it. You should not care too much about this problem.

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